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New game reveal!

2012-06-25 14:43:44 by stigolafxcker

My next upcoming game will be a point and click again! But don't expect something like my previous games, with barely any story or animations.
The name is "2062," or at least it is for now. It's a dystopian game set in the near future centering around a 14 year old boy who loses both of his parents and is left with only his younger brother.

This project will be a collaboration between KLawter and myself. She's doing the art and I'm doing the programming! If you haven't already seen her stuff, you should go check it out, it's really great.

As for a release date... I can't be too sure. Perhaps a year, maybe longer? I know I talked about this game like over six months ago, but trust me guys, if this game is finished and perfected, it will be worth the wait. :)

Almost 1 month and 5000 words of a script later, I now have the story for my new game! With everything this story covers, I'll likely have to make it text-based. I should be able to draw backgrounds for the game though, just as illustrations.
I'm suspecting this will take a pretty long time. There are an estimated 100 decisions, and I'm guessing a single playthrough of the game will be a few hours, which is considered fairly long for a flash game. I'll keep you (non-existent) readers posted!

So, guys...

2011-11-22 19:41:03 by stigolafxcker

I've run into a sort of mental block with Nation Sim. Things just aren't working the way I'd like them to. I really need some help with this, preferably from an experienced Actionscript 2.0 programmer.

So because I have some extra time on my hands at the moment, I think I'll begin writing the script for a new suspense game! No, it will not be another House of Horror game. But yes, it will be a bit similar. More details in a month or two!

Nation Sim Update!

2011-10-15 22:09:46 by stigolafxcker

As promised, here are some updates for Nation Sim. We're just now beginning to write the issues for the game. An issue is something that you, the nation's leader, has to respond to and try to find the best option. There will be nothing to tell you that you have made a good or bad decision; you will have to find out if you did or not in the end. Here are some things the game will feature:

- A playlist featuring music by my friend AJ!
- A decision-based interface
- 100-200+ issues for every set of 4 options the user picks
- Multiple endings
- An in-game shop

That's all I can really think of telling you. Here's a very recent screenshot!
The "Which one should I pick?" button tells you which of the 3 options are best suited for high and low difficulty levels.

Nation Sim Update!

Quick update.

2011-10-05 20:54:36 by stigolafxcker

I have the game's menus all completed. I'm now working on its script. I expect this to take up to 2 months, and the programming and art to take 3-4 months. It feels great to take my time on such a large project. I used to rush through the development in order to release my games earlier, but now I'm taking my time and trying my best to code efficiently.
File size right now: 14.5 MB
Projected file size: 20 MB
I have no idea how to compress my game and make it still look good. Hopefully I'll find out how to. :b Oh yeah, and more announcements are coming in 10 days! Here's an early screenshot of the main menu!

Quick update.

Have you guys been wondering where I'm at?

2011-09-15 20:31:14 by stigolafxcker

I've been working on a brand new project! I'm going to be scarce with details right now, but I will tell you guys a bit about it. It is called "Nation Sim," and is a nation simulator. It is a completely different game than I have ever created, and I am happy to be working on it. It is almost like a sandbox game, in that you can choose a variety of options, and each will affect your game positively or negatively. The main influences for this game are Sim City, Civilization V, and Memoir. That is all I will reveal, because honestly, I'm not sure how well and efficiently I can code the whole game and still have all the content I want in it. (As of now, the instructions and opening screens are completed. The file size is already 11MB. :c)
I will give more details out in exactly one month, along with screenshots! Mark your calendars, kiddos!

House of Horror

2010-12-27 23:52:06 by stigolafxcker

I've gotten pretty far. I'd say I'm close to halfway, but I want to make this game better than my previous efforts. My comment box is open to suggestions. Tell me what you guys think of the art, as well! I'm really trying to improve my art style and spend more time animating.

House of Horror

My flash drive, which held an about 80% completed Pico Day submission was washed in the washing machine. So instead, I'll give you a better House of Horror game. Screenshots!

Pico Day submission canceled...

Pico Day 2010 Screenshot

2010-01-14 21:40:02 by stigolafxcker

I'd say we're a good 1/3 of the way done.

Pico Day 2010 Screenshot

Game for Pico Day 2010!

2009-12-25 03:21:42 by stigolafxcker

I'm currently collaborating with another flash programmer to create a submission for Pico Day. (Yes, this is a long time from now, but I felt like I needed to announce it.) It will have an original art style. I'm not saying the name, for the sake of our idea being stolen. Haha. Here's a screenshot. (Please note that we will definitely revise this and make it neater and have more texture.)

Game for Pico Day 2010!