Entry #20

New game reveal!

2012-06-25 14:43:44 by stigolafxcker

My next upcoming game will be a point and click again! But don't expect something like my previous games, with barely any story or animations.
The name is "2062," or at least it is for now. It's a dystopian game set in the near future centering around a 14 year old boy who loses both of his parents and is left with only his younger brother.

This project will be a collaboration between KLawter and myself. She's doing the art and I'm doing the programming! If you haven't already seen her stuff, you should go check it out, it's really great.

As for a release date... I can't be too sure. Perhaps a year, maybe longer? I know I talked about this game like over six months ago, but trust me guys, if this game is finished and perfected, it will be worth the wait. :)


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